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Repower is a global non-profit initiative led by Quantified Carbon dedicated to the repowering of coal power plants.

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What We Do

The Repower Initiative’s work started with a case study for Poland, which was carried out with partners from leading Polish universities. Since then, we have expanded our work in China, South Korea and Indonesia.

QuantifiedCarbon, an international consultancy firm
providing complex problem solving, modelling, and optimisation to support decarbonisation of energy systems and industries, initiated and manages the Repower Initiative.

Repower receives philanthropic funding from Founders Pledge, fuelling our mission to accelerate the transition to clean heat sources.

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A Global Network

Since starting, we’ve worked with technology vendors, research institutes, NGOs, universities and other organisations actively working on the decarbonisation of coal plants.

Our Team

Repower Initiative was established in 2016 and employ a team of experts based throughout Europe and around the world.

Staffan Qvist


Staffan is a Swedish engineer and consultant to clean energy projects around the world. He is the coauthor of the book, A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow (PublicAffairs Books, January 2019).

Joseph McKenna

Senior Developer

Dr. Joseph McKenna is a Senior Developer and a machine learning expert. He has a background in antimatter research, data acquisition, systems management, and the application of machine learning to data.

Daniel Cox

Senior Developer

Daniel is responsible for pipelines, generation of future scenarios, coupling the tools in the QCL framework and an expert on visualisations.

Sebastian Svänstrom

Senior Developer

Dr. Sebastian Svanström is lead responsible for process and transitions optimisation, in projects within fossil free steel, carbon capture, electrofuels and power plant production.

Bryony Worthington


Baroness Bryony is a life peer in the UK House of Lords and a life-long environmental campaigner. She was the lead author on the 2008 Climate Change Act, a landmark piece of legislation which legally requires the UK to reduce its emissions to a level 80% lower than its emissions in 1990.

Albert Payaró-Llisterri

Programme Manager

Albert is an entrepeneur with a Masters degree in Materials Science and Renewable Energy Engineering. He is also the CEO and co-founder of the start-up Urban Oasis, a company which designs, engineers and builds indoor farms around the world.

Václav Šísl

RepowerScore Developer

Václav is an independent software developer and consultant working on projects on the intersection of data, energy, and sustainability. His responsibility in the Repower project is to make RepowerScore data accessible and understandable.

Paweł Dąbek

Academic / GIS developer

Paweł has a background in environmental engineering and spatial management. He is currently responsible for data acquisition and GIS spatial analysis. Paweł is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty Of Environmental Engineering And Geodesy at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

Jakub Ochmann


Jakub Ochmann is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Power Engineering and Turbomachinery at Silesian University of Technology responsible for the development of thermal energy and cold storage systems, especially using post-mining infrastructure

Łukasz Bartela


Łukasz Bartela is an Associate Professor in the Department of Power Engineering and Turbomachinery at Silesian University of Technology.

Pawel Gladysz


Pawel Gladysz is as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Energy and Fuels at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Yaoli Zhang


Yaoli Zhang is an Associate Professor at Xiamen University, and has a strong research background in mathematical modelling, optimisation, heat transfer, fluid flow, Python, and Matlab, holding a Ph.D. in Energy from Tsinghua University.

Wei Li


Wei Li is a Professor Senior Engineer at China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation, and has a deep research background in Nuclear safety analysis and system design, being proficient with domestic thermal power plant information.

Dr. Muyi Yang


Dr. Muyi Yang is the Secretary of the International Society for Energy Transition Studies (ISETS). He is also a researcher affiliated with the University of Technology Sydney, where he focuses on the intersection of energy transition, energy governance, and technology innovation.

Professor Jeong Ik Lee


Dr. Jeong Ik Lee is a Professor at KAIST specializing in nuclear energy and power system design. He’s known for his work on small modular reactors and applying machine learning to nuclear safety. He’s also a member of the Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology as of 2022.

Dr. Yonghee Kim


Dr. Yonghee Kim is a Professor at KAIST with expertise in advanced nuclear reactors and waste transmutation. He has served on various advisory and editorial boards, including the Korean Nuclear Society.

Dr. Man-Sung Yim


Dr. Man-Sung Yim is a KAIST Professor and founder of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center. His work spans nuclear risk management, policy, and waste management, and he serves on multiple international advisory committees.

Jai Oan Cho


Jai Oan Cho is a PhD Candidate at KAIST focusing on nuclear plant safety simulations. He has won several awards for his research papers and posters and is interested in the role of Small Modular Reactors in replacing coal plants.

Seok Ho Song


Seok Ho is a PhD Candidate at KAIST, specialising in nuclear engineering, including simulation codes for LAES and APR1400, nuclear safety analysis, machine learning for predicting nuclear accidents, and identifying severe accident event sequences

Seok Jun Oh


Seok Jun Oh is a PhD Candidate at KAIST, specialising in the economic impact of uranium enrichment processes on microreactors using HALEU, the development of carbon-negative liquid air energy storage systems with carbon capture, and the assessment of transitioning coal power plants to SMRs for reduced carbon emissions.

Bob S. Effendi

Project Manager

Bob S. Effendi has been working in the energy sector for almost three decades ranging from oil/gas services to coal mining then nuclear. He was a member The Indonesian Chambers of Commerce (KADIN) and The National Committee of Economic and Industries (KEIN) attached to the President of Indonesia Office which has put nuclear power as priority agenda to push to the government. Currently, He is the Director of Operation at PT. ThorCon Power Indonesia, the first nuclear company in Indonesia and Director of PT Xpert Synergy Solution, a clean energy consulting company.

Dr. Rino Mukti

Project Secretary

Associate Professor at Chemistry Department of Institut Teknologi Bandung. Secretary of the Research and Community Service Program. He has interest in the development of inorganic materials for energy production-related applications. He and his research team have developed several catalyst materials that are potential to be used in the petrochemical refinery to produce fossil-based fuels such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

Dr. Ir. Retno Gumilang Dewi, MEnvEngsc

Team Leader

Associate Professor at Chemical Engineering Department of Institut Teknologi Bandung. Head of ITB Center for Energy Policy and consultant to the National EnergyCouncil. Responsible for Development of Energy Transition Scenarios for NetZero Emissions 2060 and Update National Energy Policy (KEN). Currently member of KNIWEC (World EnergyCouncil – Indonesia National Committee).

Dr. Nanang Hariyanto

Team Member

Associate Professor at Electrical Engineering Department of Institut Teknologi Bandung. He is considered as one of the leading expert in electrical power system inIndonesia and a consultant to The Minister of Energy and Electricity Utility Company (PLN). He is responsible in making the energy modelling for the revised Electricity General Plan (2025 – 2050).

Ir. Erwin Mirza

Team Member

Retired from Electricity Utility Company(PLN) in 2023. His last position was Vice President of System Planning for Jawa – Bali grid and was responsible for making PLN's 10-year business plan and reviewing all power purchase agreements.He was also one of the few PLN employees who received nuclear power plant training.

Ir. Eko Yuli Winarno

Team Member

Retired from Indonesia Nuclear Agency (BATAN) in 2016, His last position was Head ofEducation & Training Planning. Educated as nuclear engineer from University of Arizona. Was a consulting engineer for Ministry of Energy Nuclear Feasibility Studies done in 2019 and nuclear consultant to PLN Engineering.

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Founders Pledge provides philanthropic funding to both the Repower Initiative and TerraPraxis. We are pleased to contribute to the collective effort to accelerate the shift towards energy sources.

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